Thursday, January 28, 2010

2 CPM titles on THEM Anime list of top anime of decade

THEM anime reviews has posted their top 20 anime series, movies, and OVAs of the last decade (2000-2009) and 2 Central Park Media titles are on the list. They name Cat Soup number 16, and Alien Nine number 5. They write "(Cat Soup) is a banquet of the bizarre, more impressionistic than spectacular. It's more apt to weird you out than give you a visceral thrill, but it does serve as a reminder than anime is much more than the fairly limited range of things fans like to obsess over." And they write, "Despite its unassuming exterior, Alien Nine was by far one of the most troubling anime produced this decade... but as a deconstruction of the magical girl genre and an allegory for the traumas of growing up, it's surprisingly is a worthy watch for those to whom the material isn't toxic."

To read the rest of their top 20 list, and a more detailed explination as to why these two titles were chosen, please go to THEM Anime Reviews website (link below). Both Cat Soup and Alien Nine were released on DVD multiple times by CPM and are currently out of print (although Alien Nine can still be bought through Rightstuf). CPM also released the manga to Alien Nine.

Animation Runner Kuromi 1 and 2, which were released by Central Park Media on DVD, made a different "top 20" list by another reviewer on the site. They are listed as number 12.