Monday, March 30, 2009

O'Donnell says "CPM is here to stay"

"A Geek by Any Name" blog has reported that John O’Donnell said at NYAF07 that "they are still recovering from all their various issues. They have no NEW titles but they’re working on making older titles more accessible." The blog says that Central Park Media is not dead, and they are working on re-releasing many of their older titles. The blog also says that John O'Donnel commented on the bidding wars between Geneon, FUNimation, and ADV and Geneon leaving the market. Anime News Network reported in 2007 that CPM is "continuing to work through its back catalog". So now we know officially CPM has plans to re-release many of their older tittles. Anime News Network’s coverage of New York Anime Festival states “O'Donnell said that CPM is here to stay and explained the position the company was placed in due to the collapse of major anime retailers Musicland and Tower Records. Calling the event a “tragedy”, he said that the effects of this collapse were one major reason that the company is still in a recovery phase. This was also the reason given when O'Donnell explained that the company had no new acquisitions to announce.”

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