Monday, March 30, 2009

Focus on Be Beautiful Line

John O’Donnell, president and founder of Central park Media, said that he will first focus on CPM Press's "Be Beautiful " line which was releasing many yaoi manga series recently. Yaoisuki blog reports that there was a licensing issue with many of the titles that were licensed from Biblos. Publishers weekly writes that Biblos was bought out by Libre in 2006, and that Libre sent out a public statement saying ""We strongly protest this illegal infringement of our property and issuing a strong order for CPM to cease their illegal acts."

Yaoisuki Blog reports that O'Donnell said he paid for the Biblos titles up front, and Libre's acquisition of Biblos does not cancel out the contract. O'Donnell said they still legally have the rights to those titles. Yaoisuki Blog says that after Libre made the statement they have not taken any action to resolve the matter and refuse to sit down and discuss the issue with O'Donnell or any other CPM representative. Libre has not filed a lawsuit. Yaoisuki Blog writes " He (O'Donnell) hopes that Libre will bring their lawyers to the U.S. so that the matter can be settled, but thinks that they are trying to deliberately harm the sales of the books until CPM's license expires so that they can license the series to another company. " This was reported from Yaoi-Con '07 .

Yaoisuki Blog reports that "Be Beautiful has been in flux since its problems with Biblos/Libre in 2006-07 and O’Donnell mentioned that a lawsuit against Libre might be in the works." Since then nothing else has developed regarding this issue. The Be Beautiful official website is currently down temporarily, while the site is being redesigned. The "Be Beautiful " line still holds the license to many titles that haven't been fully released, some with many volumes yet to go.

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