Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Central Park Media trailer reels posted on youtube

This is not really news, but I think it's very interesting and worth posting.

Recently there have been some interesting Central Park Media/US Manga Corps trailer reels posted on youtube (by other fans). I thought I'd post links to the videos here for those who are interested. Many of the titles in the reels are from the VHS era. These are some great nostalgia trips for some that's for sure...

Oh and for those who are wondering the song that is used in both US Manga Corps 1 trailer reel and Central park Media Previews reel is from "Project A-Ko" the song title is "Explosion". The song from US Manga Corps Part 2 reel is from "Genocyber" , the song title is "OST II: Fairy Dreamin' (Instrumental)". Be sure to thank the video posters for pointing this out. And don't forget to thank them for posting the videos in the first place.

US Manga Corps Part 1


US Manga Corps Part 2


Central Park Media Previews



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