Monday, June 29, 2009

AD Vision listed as Distributor for CPM titles

Although this was already stated in the last update of this blog, I feel the need to repeat this one part, explain it better, and make it more noticable. I have commented on it on Anime on DVD forums already, but I still feel the need to make it clear.

MYC & Associates, the liquidator for Central Park Media, listed AD Vision as a company that the now bankrupt Central Park Media, has a distribution agreement with. Warner-Elektra-Atlantic Corporation (WEA) was the main distributor of all CPM DVD titles (they were announced as their "exclusive distributor" in the U.S. in November of 2004 ), up until their bankruptcy (according to their main site, and the Anime News Network articles [1, 2]) , and this is also listed on the Schedule of Assets page. However any other deal with a distributor has not been made public, and this includes any deals with AD Vision. Therefore this alows us to conclude that the distribution agreement between CPM and AD Vision deals with the (so far) 5 OOP CPM titles that ADV is re-releaseing. This is backed up by the fact that of CPM's main logo is on the cover art of the two titles( 1, 2,) are to be re-released in early July (many copies bought online have already shipped, and some customers have their copies of the DVD's already). The other two titles are to be released in mid to late July and their back cover art are not known yet. It is also interesting to note that John O'Donnell and the rest of the main CPM staff that worked on these titles are also listed on the back of the DVD cases. The main CPM logo also loads after the ADV logo, and the original credits are still used (the credits remaining is normal in license rescues, however the other things are not). So this leads us to believe these CPM titles were involved in some type of distribution deal, rather then a license rescue. For example, ADV is now just doing distribution for "Now and Then, Here and There", while the bankrupt Central Park Media still holds the license. What this all means for CPM and the future of the titles is still unclear. We will continue to report on this, and all other developments.
Now for a personal comment. I apologize for this post being so wordy, and hard to understand. All the info is there, and ordered to the best of my abilities, but it's a lot of information. Sorry for it being so dry as well. I would also like to say that I will be doing a new anime review for this blog very soon. DVD Look is not dead ;) . Look forward to it readers, I am!

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