Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More info on CPM Bankruptcy

The Nigorimasen Blog has outlined more information regarding the Bankrupcty of Central Park Media. They write "It’s Still Early On In CPM’s Bankruptcy Proceedings..." and that MYC & Associates(CPM's liquidator) "has linked to a Schedule of Assets that contains 23 pages of 547 copyrights relating to releases; two pages of trademarks including “Anime Alley”, “Anime Today”, and “Mangamusic”; office equipment and furnishings such as chairs, computers, and telephones; 12 domain names with expiration dates; a listing of 'licences, franchises, and other general intangibles' consisting of four distribution agreements (Warner-Elektra-Atlantic Corporation, Consortium Book Sales & Distribution, KOCH Entertainment Distribution LLC, AD Vision) and one consignment agreement (The Right Stuf International); and a five-page consignment inventory to TRSI. "

Nigorimasen also listed creditors who have so far filed a Proof of Claim. The deadline to file is September 1, 2009.

The list of creditors:

Bank of America
Biblos Co. Ltd./Libre
Consortium Books Sales and Distribution (has a distribution agreement)
Cushman & Wakefield, Inc. (commercial real estate firm)
Fisk Building Management
KOCH Entertainment Inc. (renamed E1 Entertainment in Jan. 2009; has a distribution agreement)
Levi Lubarsky & Feigenbaum, LLP (commercial litigation firm)
Moses & Singer (legal services firm)
NCO Financial Systems Inc.
Pittney Bowes Credit Corp
Quebecor Printing Lebonfon (a Canadian printer)
Wells Fargo
XO Communications Services, Inc.

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